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Weekday Masses

Tuesday, July 29, mass at 7 pm

Wednesday, July 30, mass at 7 pm

Thursday, July 31, mass at 8 am

Friday, Aug 1, no mass

Meadow Park at 10:30 am

Saturday, Aug 2

Marian Devotion at 8:30 am

Confessions at 4 pm


Monday Night Summer Euchre

  Monday from 7 to 10 pm

$2 with draw tickets available.

Contact Charlene at 519-204-6707 or charlene.gallagher@sykes.com



Parish Newsletters

Financial and Spiritual Report for 2013

Easter 2014 

December 2013

Parish Pastoral Plan




Booking Enquiry
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Parish Staff

Pastor:Fr. Mark Poulin
Deacon:Rudy Pflanzner
Paul James
Pastoral Ministers:Suzanne Walton
Parish Secretary:Melanie Bertens
Financial Secretary:Donna DeKleyn
Custodian & Hall Manager:Richard Toner
Project & Business Manager:Gary Williams
Church Leaders
Director of Music:
Directors of Youth Ministry:Joseph Turnbull
Chelsea Zicari
Kaylin Pridding
Parish Pastoral Council:Helen Lowe
Finance Committee:Peggy Foster
Nina Wedge
Liturgy Committee:
Suzanne Walton
Catholic Women's League:Maureen Duncan
Knights of Columbus 8339 Grand Knight:Phil East
Studying for the Permanent Diaconate:Charlie Tamas
Don St-Onge